August 2006 Dinner in East Greenwich

New CHS Banner. Can anyone translate it?
Dick and Sarah Zacks
Dotty Trump Brindamour, Dale Armstrong and Jack Sondericker, and Marie DiMase
Joe Gill and Stan Dobson
Betty and Earl Smith
Marguerite Samoorian, Walter Hope, Holly and Bob Doyle, and Irene Hope
Joyce Lathers Dwyer and Jack Sullivan
Addi Savastano and Camille Paglia
Barbara Engstrom and Ken Pollock
Marilyn Baker and Jean Integlia Kramer
Ben Buglio and Ed Vigliotti
Jackie Strong Richard and Janice Burns Horton
Moe Lipson, Cindy Tourtellot and Grant Schaumburg, Mary Lipson
Marguerite Samoorian Molinaric, Betty and Earl Smith, Dick and Sarah Zacks, Paul Molinaric
Jackie Strong Richard, Linda and Dick Rendine, Ben Buglio, Al Richard
Joe and Nancy Gill, Marie DiMase and Van Radoccia
Van Radoccia reads messages from classmates