55th Reunion in Narragansett

Marie, Van, and Dale organized the 55th reunion, September 8, 2009. Thirty-two classmates and several spouses showed up. Bob and Holly Doyle took photos.
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Van and Marie Radoccia
Dale Armstrong and Bob Indeglia
Bob and Holly Doyle
Marilyn Baker and Janice Burns
Joan Castronovo and Claire Chaves
Janet and Dom D'Eramo
Frank and Connie DePetrillo
Stan and Rosemarie Dobson
Barbara Engstrom and Betty Ann Goselin
Walter and Irene Hope
Beverly Halpern and Joyce Lathers
Camille Paglia and Ellen Reardon
Addi Savastano and Marlene Steimle
Irene Sourgiotis Tanner and Frank Tanner
Earl Stephenson and Cynthia Tourtellot
Dick and Sarah Zacks
January Class
Phyllis DeBlasio, Manny Kyriakakis
Bob and Marcia Gallucci
Connie Merolla, Pat Picchione
Ed Onanian
Ed Vigliotti