57th Reunion in Narragansett

Our 57th reunion, at the Spain restaurant in Narragansett. From left, Claire Chaves Skrzypczak, Richard Zacks, Beverly Halpern, Irene Sourgiotis Tanner, Marilyn Baker, Van and Marie Radoccia, Janice Burns Horton, Betty Ann Goselin Parrillo, Addi Savastano Crouchley, Stan Dobson, Barbara DeCesare, Camille Paglia Angelli,
(in front) Bob Doyle, Frank De Petrillo, Dale Armstrong Sondericker, Bob Gallucci
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Marie, Van, and Dale organized the 55th reunion, September 8, 2009. Thirty-two classmates and several spouses showed up.

55th Reunion in Narragansett

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2006 Dinner in East Greenwich

Marie and Van organized a dinner party at the Post Office Cafe. About 45 classmates and spouses showed up.

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Our big weekend into the past started on Friday evening with a Cocktail Party where we reaquainted ourselves with old friends. Within a very short time (after we peeked at the nametags), it was like being back in High School. Funny how our minds so quickly adjusted to faces we didn't recognize seconds before. On Sat. there was a Duck Tour of the City, a CHS football game, and the Waterfire event. Beautiful!!! After dinner, we retired to Van's & Marie's suite for a late night gabfest, recalling old memories. It grew so lively that management came up and told us to keep it down. Sunday morning, we had brunch and many sad farewells - promising to get together again soon.
Here is a lot of helpful info on Providence, like the weather.
WaterFire display in Downtown Providence Award winning sculpture "WaterFire Providence®" by artist Barnaby Evans

The 50th Reunion - 2004

The 40th reunion - 1994

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The 25th reunion - 1979

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