For more than half a century Classical High School in the yellow brick building was the gateway to schools and universities of higher learning. Within its walls is a history that can never be written.

One hundred years ago the Class of 1904 produced the first CADUCEUS as a memento for Classicalites and a messenger to the world outside. To find a suitable name for their book they turned to Classical Mythology. Caduceus was the name of the staff borne by Mercury, messenger of the immortal gods. With it, Virgil says, the god gave sleep and took it away, flew through the sky and performed other remarkable feats.

Now the seniors of 1954 present to you their own CADUCEUS on the web at their 50th reunion.

Caduceus Board       Acknowledgments

Any CHS'54 classmate can have his/her own web page and weblog (a personal diary) on this site. Here you (or more likely your grandchildren!) can write stories about you and upload pictures or other memorabilia, including word documents and even audio/video. To learn how, talk to Bob Doyle at the reunion, email him at, or call 617-876-5678. Information Philosopher